Wall of Fame

Achieving success in many forms.

Our students have gone on to explore new horizons and scale greater heights. Here are some of our inspiring success stories. Who knows, you could be one of them in due time!


Gold Achievers

At A Cut Above Academy, we give 3 levels of grading when our students complete their 12-month program:

  • Red
  • Silver
  • Gold

Gold is the most difficult to achieve, with only about 10% of students obtaining it in a year. We are proud and honoured to announce this year’s 6 Gold achievers to all our dear customers, associates, and loyal followers.

Congratulations to batch 9-15


  • ga-batch9-15-fish-yee

    Fish Yee
  • ga-batch9-15-jackson-ang

    Jackson Ang
  • ga-batch9-15-liew-zheng-yang

    Liew Zheng Yang
  • ga-batch9-15-low-li-mei

    Low Li Mei
  • ga-batch9-15-oui-sze-phing

    Oui Sze Phing
  • ga-batch9-15-soh-jing-suet

    Soh Jing Suet

Each and every one of you have managed to break the Academy’s record by obtaining your Gold certification. This is the first time in the history of the Academy that we have as many as 6 students who achieved Gold. We applaud each of you for your individual commitment to the activities and teachings, as well as your very own diligence and capacity for teamwork.

Congratulations for proving that such an achievement is possible.